This features has been removed. You could reuse this material via PlusTiC mod.
Image Material-Alumite.png

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Type Material
Mod Tinker's Construct (former)
Stackable Yes (64)
ID Name plustic:alumitenugget
Smeltery? Yes
Handle Modifier 1.1x
Mining Level Grid Cobalt Ore.png Cobalt
Mining Speed 6.8
Durability See durability
Full Tool Durability See durability
Base Attack 5.5
Material Trait(s) Global Traveler

Alumite is an alloy which is crafted with one block of Obsidian, two Iron ingots, and five Aluminum ingots together in a Smeltery. This yields 3 Alumite ingots.

It is stronger than everything but Steel (which it is about on par with) and Manyullyn. It is one of the few materials that can mine Cobalt and Ardite.

The placed block has a heart on each side. It is an endgame material, and one of the last you will get.


Block of Alumite



Molten Alumite

Molten Alumite are obtained by smelting Alumite tools.

It can also be obtained by alloying Molten Aluminum, Iron and Obsidian with a ratio 5:2:2.


Global Traveler

When you shift right-click a block, you designate a destination. If you mine a block or kill a mob and an item would drop, the item is teleported to the designated block. If the block has an inventory (such as a chest or a hopper), the item will appear inside the inventory. Otherwise it will appear on the ground at the destination. This will work with modded inventories too.

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