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Material Traits are traits that the materials constructing a tool will bestow upon the tool, these may be embossed onto a tool, but may not be removed from the tool once on it, unless you replace the tool part giving the trait.


Material Traits are on all tools, unless they are made of only materials that don't have traits.


Using a Green Slime Crystal, Blue Slime Crystal, Magma Slime Crystal, Gold Block, and a tool part that the tool uses, you may emboss the relevant Material Traits of the part onto the tool, this means that is you embossed a Stone plate onto a hammer, you would have the Cheapskate trait on the resulting hammer, as in a hammer, plates are used in the head, and Cheapskate is only applied if Stone is used in the head of a tool.


Each Material Trait is used in different ways, traits can activate in the following ways; only when used to attack, only when used to mine, both attacking and mining, passive abilities that activate on their own, abilities that alter the weapon's stats just by having the ability, and abilities that activate whenever it is used at all.

Trait Description
Alien Tool has a random bonus to Durability, Speed, and Attack that slowly takes effect over time.
Aquadynamic Speed boost while underwater or it is raining. Underwater, tool will mine at normal speed.
Aridiculous Mine faster and inflict more damage when it is hot and dry. If it is only dry, take a slight penalty instead.
Autosmelt Items mined with this tool are smelted as if in a Furnace.
Baconlicious 5% chance to drop bacon when killing mobs, 0.5% chance when breaking blocks.
Beheading Each level adds a 10% chance to get the enemies head on kill. Beheading II is applied to cleavers by default when constructed.
Breakable Arrows have a chance to break and cannot be retrieved.
Cheap Tool gains an additional 5% to restored durability when repaired.
Cheapskate Tool is 20% less durable than the stats of its components would suggest.
Cold-Blooded 50% extra damage if the target is at full health.
Crude 5% extra damage against unarmoured targets.
Crude II 10% extra damage against unarmoured targets.
Crumbling Double mining speed if the block doesn't require a tool to break.
Dense Reduced chance of using durability if the tool is already damaged.
Depth Digger Digs faster the lower the player is (approximately 1.03x faster per level below y=72).
Duritae Each time the tool is used, 10% chance of using double durability, 40% chance to use none.
Ecological 1 in 800 chance of repairing a point of durability every tick.
Enderference Endermen cannot teleport away for a few seconds after being damaged.
Endspeed Arrows travel instantly to where the player is aiming; no travel time.
Fire Storm Bonus fire damage and sets hit mobs on fire.
Flammable Blocking with this weapon sets attackers on fire and prevents the player from being damaged by fiery attacks.
Fractured Deals 1.5 Hearts of bonus damage.
Freezing Mob moves slower and slower the more they are hit.
Hellish Deals 2 Hearts of bonus damage to Mobs that do not usually spawn in the Nether.
Holy Deals 3 Hearts of bonus damage to undead enemies.
Hovering Arrow moves slower but ignores gravity.
Insatiable Hits after the first will deal progressively more bonus damage but also consume more and more durability.
Jagged Tool does more damage as it loses durability, but mines slower.
Lightweight 10% bonus mining speed and attack speed.
Magnetic Item drops are drawn to the player.
Magnetic II Item drops are drawn to the player at a wider range than Magnetic.
Momentum Mining blocks increases the player's speed as long as they keep mining.
Petramor When mining stone, there is a 10% chance to repair some durability.
Poisonous Poison is inflicted on target when hit.
Precipitate Tool speed is inversely proportional to remaining player health.
Prickly Enemy sustains an additional 0.5 to 1.5 hearts of armor-penetrating damage when hit.
Sharp Inflicts bleeding status effect on an enemy when hit, inflicting 0.5 hearts of damage per second for a few seconds.
Shocking Running around, breaking blocks, or hitting things charges the player's tool. Hitting an enemy discharges it, dealing damage and providing a speed boost. Mining a block discharges it, giving a mining speed boost.
Slimey (Green) Tool has a chance to spawn a green slime.
Slimey (Blue) Tool has a chance to spawn a blue slime.
Spiky Upon being hit, inflict 1/3 of the tool's damage value to the enemy as cactus damage. There is a short cooldown before the effect occurs again.
Splintering Successive hits on the same mob inflicts more damage.
Splitting Chance to fire 2 arrows instead of 1 upon firing. 2nd arrow does not have 100% accuracy.
Squeaky Grants Silk Touch but negates all damage.
Stiff Reduces damage to a maximum of 1 heart of damage when blocking.
Stalwart Hitting an entity can bestow Resistance for 30 seconds.
Stonebound Tool mines faster as it loses durability, but inflicts less damage.
Superheat Deal bonus damage to enemies on fire.
Tasty Tool gets eaten if the player is hungry.
Twilit Tool operates faster in the Twilight Forest; it inflicts more damage outside the Twilight Forest.
Unnatural The tool mines faster the higher its mining level is above the required one.
Well-Established Slightly increased XP drop rate, and XP drops are larger.
Writable +1 modifier slot.
Writable II +2 modifier slots.
Veiled Projectile will be invisible

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  • The arrow shaft traits Hovering from a Blaze rod and Endspeed from an End rod are almost the same, as Endspeed speeds the arrow up and sends it immediately to where you are looking, while Hovering prevents the arrow from making an arc. This results in the arrow or bolt going virtually straight with either arrow.


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