Tinkers' Construct 2 Wiki

"It breaks blocks, OK?"

Not to be confused with the vanilla variants (https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Pickaxe).

Pickaxe is a tier 1 basic mining tool used to mine stones and ores.

A full iron pickaxe.

There is Tier 2 tool called Hammer, with 3x3 AOE mining, and with further durability, but requires a tool forge.

Pickaxe Combos

Prior to obtaining bones, the best pickaxe avaliable is a flint pickaxe with wood tool rod and binding.

After getting bones, you can create best pre-smeltery pickaxe by using bone pickaxe head and tool rod, and flint binding, giving a 314 durability points and average mining speed whenever possible.


Prior to getting nether ores, a obsidian pickaxe is needed. The best obsidian pickaxe combo is shown in next screenshot: Knightslime tool rod, iron binding and obsidian pickaxe head. This combination gives a tool 595 durability points and grants a magnetic abilities, making it ideal at mining nether ores.