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Magma Slime Ball is a base crafting item as well as a food



Ingredients: Congealed Magma Slime Block


Magma Slime Balls are the core resource obtained from Magma Slime Saplings, constituting a drop from Orange Slimy Leaves and with the "logs" of the tree being made from Congealed Magma Slime Blocks

Slime Island

Magma Slime Balls can be found in Congealed Slime Block form at nether slime islands floating on the lava sea in the nether alongside Coagulated Blood's Congealed Slime Block.


Accepted in any recipe requiring a Slime Ball


Slimy Grass

Ingredients: Slime Ball + Grass Block


Ingredients: String + any Congealed Slime Blocks + any Slime Ball

Slime Boots

Ingredients: Any Slime Ball + any Congealed Slime Blocks

Description: Using one color of slime will produce that slime color of boots. Mixing slime colors will result in making the green version.

Congealed Magma Slime Block

Ingredients: 4 Magma Slime Balls

Magma Slime Block

Ingredients: Congealed Magma Slime Block + 5 Magma Slime Balls

Slimy Mud


Slime Ball (Magma)

Magma Cream

Magma Cream

Soul Sand

Slime Ball (Magma)


Slimy Magma Mud

Ingredients: 2 Magma Slime + 2 Magma Cream + Soul Sand + Netherrack


Gelatinous Slime Drop

Slime Ball (Magma)

Gelatinous Slime Drop (Magma)


Ingredients: Magma Slime Ball



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