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Slime Boots are boots that negate fall damage and bounce the user off the ground.



Slime Boot


Congealed Green Slime Block


Congealed Green Slime Block

Slime Boots

Ingredients: Any Slime Ball + any Congealed Slime Blocks

Description: Using one color of slime will produce that slime color of boots. Mixing slime colors will result in making the purple version.



As an armor piece worn the boots slot, falling from a block height of more than 2 will cause the user to bounce back up at about half the height of the amount dropped. The user will then continually drop down to the ground and bounce back up to a lower height until the block height is only 2. Due to this ability, Slimeslings are intended to be used with it for fast travel.


  • Slime Boots do not provide any armor by itself but adding protection enchantments via anvil will increase protection.
  • Slime Boots will not work in creative mode.
  • Holding the sneak key while landing will cause you to not bounce but will deal some fall damage if the last bounce went high enough to normally deal damage.
  • After stopping bouncing while wearing Slime Boots and still holding the SPACEBAR key, you will gain increased speed. This acceleration is more noticeable when Squake mod is on, or when you're jumping over ice blocks.


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