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The smeltery allows you to melt and pour various metals and items.



The smeltery is a structure, as such, it must be built. The required materials are as follows: Seared Brick, Smeltery Controller, Smeltery Drain, Seared Tank/Seared Window/Seared Gauge, Seared Faucet which should be filled with lava to allow for melting, and one of the two pouring receptacles, the Casting Table, and Casting Basin.

The base platform is built out of Seared Brick, and can be as small as 1x1, and as of the most recent 1.12.2 update, 9x9. The additional first layer added upon it requires a Smeltery Controller, Seared drain, and Seared Tank/Seared Window/Seared Gauge to function, the empty spaces should be filled in with Seared Brick, other than the base platform part, which should always stay hollow. Subsequent layers only require Seared Brick.

Seared Faucets are not required to melt, however, they are required to pour, and should be placed on a drain, above a pouring receptacle.


The smeltery, powered by lava, can melt down metals to pour into the many casts that are in Tinker's Construct II, or into the Casting Basin, which results in a block forming.

Additionally, if the ores are melted, their output is double that of a furnace.


  • Items dropped into the top of the smeltery are automatically inserted, which can allow for automation in an otherwise vanilla environment.


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